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Monitoring unit

UCM-01 module

UCM-01 monitoring unit module

The UCM-01 module is used to identify unintended moves of the cabin away from holding position while doors are open. (Requirement acc. to EN81-1/A3 respectively EN81-2/A3). If this happens, the emergency brake device will be activated by the UCM-01 module and the movement of the elevator will be stopped immediately. After triggering the emergency brake device, the elevator is locked. To take the elevator into operation again, the reset button has to be pushed.

UCM-01 module


// Autonomous operation, independent of the controller or VVVF-controller

// Operation with incremental and absolute encoders

// LCD-display for presentation in text form

// Numerous diagnostic options

// Easy installation and commissioning

// Can be used in both rope and hydraulic elevators

UCM-01 module

Technical data

Supply voltage:24 V DC ± 10 %
Power consumption:approx. 4 W
Relay outputs:2
Max. continuous current:5.0 A at 230 V/AC15
7.5 A at 24 V/AC13
Max. trigger speed:0.2 m/s
Max. trigger-distance while dropping below the max. trigger-speed:100 mm
Max. trigger time:50 ms
Max. travel speed:3.5 m/s
Max. acceleration:4.0 m/s2
Safety integrity level as per IEC 61508:SIL 2
Temperature range:0 °C - 50 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm:160 X 93 X 64
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