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IMC-2 monitoring system

Remote monitoring

Your elevator system at a glance. Via the internet, any time, anywhere

The IMC-2 monitoring system from RST provides all of the information relevant to your elevator system, reliably and clearly – such as door cycles, travel operations and capacity utilization. It displays error messages and collects background data that can be used to predict faults. The configurable notification feature automatically reports faults and definable warnings, which can be sent by SMS and/or email, as required.

IMC-2 monitoring system


// Online solution independent of network infrastructures. Access via any computer with an internet connection, using any internet browser

// Analysis of operational characteristics, statistics functions

// Event logging, configurable notifications, sent by SMS or email

// Failure prevention through fault prediction with corresponding advance warning

// Quick response to faults, thereby ensuring maximum system availability

// Targeted, plannable deployment of maintenance and service personnel is facilitated based on the information provided

IMC-2 monitoring system

Web portal

RST Elektronik Login

Login via internet

Users can log into the IMC-2 monitoring system from any PC, using any browser: http://imc-2-monitoring.my-gateway.de

Monitoring server

// Communication with the elevators

RST Elektronik Software

Monitoring web portal

// Web application, available at http://imc-2-monitoring.my-gateway.de

// Independent of the operating system

// Access via a login page with user and authorisation groups

// Users only receive access to the elevator systems for which they have clearance

// Adjustable query intervals for each elevator system

// Adjustable settings for SMS, email and other means of notification (faults, warnings, etc.)

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