IMD – Intelligent Multi Drive

New VVVF-inverter generation from RST Elektronik GmbH


From now on there are 5 new types of VVVF-inverters in the range of performance up to approx. 15kW drive capacity (at 400V) avaiable. Also the new generation, as is usual for RST inverters, posess an over load factor of 200%, so modernisations always have enough reserves.

These new VVVF-inverters are optional available with an integrated "Safe-Torque-Off"-function for operation without drive contactors. For a detailed information about this function please click here.

The special feature of the new VVVF-inverters is the significant reduced dimensions. This is the result of the application of intelligent power modules with integrated driver units and monitoring functions but mainly because of the integrated mains filter. Even under very cramped available space the installation is possible without problems. The slim design makes it easier to replace existent VVVF-inverters.

The usability of the devices has been improved. Besides our well known clear text display in 8 languages only the specific parameters for the chosen operation mode will be activated.

In the standard configuration the new VVVF-inverters are useable for the operation with geared asynchronous drives with and without encoder feedback. As encoders common TTL/HTL incremental encoders with a resolution of 500…4096 pulses per rotation are suitable.
Through additional option modules the application range can be extended. For regulated asynchronous machines with sinus encoder respectively gearless synchronous machines several options are available. All ECN1313 compatible absolute encoders with EnDAT or SSI interface and all ERN 1387 compatible encoders are usable.
Particularly the application in connection with gearless synchronous machines the new VVVF-inverters has an important advantage. Compared to some products from our competitors the important “phasing” of the drive can be done with closed brake. This is an essential advantage when replacing the encoder.

Besides the adjusting software „PowerControl“ for PC compatible computers which is known for many years, we now also have a version for PDAs and Smart phones available. Requirement for the usage is a mobile phone with touch screen and Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher version. The communication with the VVVF-inverter is by a wireless Bluetooth connection. Applicable and pre configured Bluetooth adapter completes the offer. By means of this set  and with good sending and reception conditions it is even possible to set up and optimise the  travel comfort from inside the cabin. RST provides both software versions free of charge.

Also new in this regard is the standard integration of a USB interface. Thereby it is not necessary to have a serial USB interface adapter. It is possible to connect modern notebooks directly with the VVVF-inverter. The adapted drivers are already part of the installation routine.
To set up the parameters by remote control the new inverters have DCP communication and also a removable display. Therefore the new VVVF-inverter generation can be used for shaft installations without machine room, even if the controller does not support serial communication. An applicable module for installation in the cabinet with additional PD connection is available.
Besides the software „PowerControl“ for troubleshooting we can provide an additional module for long term recording. The detected data can be stored on an USB stick and then analysed with the with PC software. Especially intermittent appearing faults, which are always hard to locate, can be recognised and removed.
Here we have only mentioned some  „highlights“ of the new VVVF-inverter generation. There are much more detailed improvements.Our qualified sales and service team will always be at your disposal for any questions.