Lift control IMC 2  

This new development is suitable for rope- and hydraulic-lifts with up to 32 stops and for groups up to four lifts. During the course of development, engineers were supported by a team of experienced specialists with many years' professional experience. In particular, feedback from existing clients was taken into account on a consistent basis. It has already been possible to incorporate many useful characteristics and functions in the development process.

As well as numerous freely-programmable inputs and outputs, USB-, RS232-, RS485-, CAN- and CANOpen interfaces are also available. In the group, one of the maximum of four controls operates as the group master rendering a separate group controller unnecessary. All universal inputs and outputs in the system can be configured using expressive plain text. One special feature allows terminals to be connected via virtual logic blocks and timers allowing for on-site adjustments with little effort.

The data exchange between control components and RST frequency converter uses a quick, zero-interference CAN Bus. This makes it very easy to integrate additional components.

For diagnostic purposes, powerful software and a real-time data logger are available.  This is integrated as standard. In the event of a fault, it logs the relevant lift movement. Lift movements can also be recorded over a longer period of time using a USB stick or software. By analysing the variables and states, faults can be isolated and localised very quickly.

The control and converter can be configured using a hand-held terminal from any bus connection Of course, these settings can also be made directly via the control, which means no external equipment is necessary. A remote access to the control is possible using an existing analogue phone connection or optionally via a radio modem. This means software updates can be done both on-site or via remote data transfer.

The ease of use and high user-friendliness of the RST frequency converter was adopted for this control. Plain text in a clear, intuitive menu tree provide installers with a quick, direct orientation.

The new control is in perfect harmony with our frequency converters from series IMD, FRC-F and FRC-Q. Data such as position, speed, load information, operating conditions, adaptation modes, etc. are sent between the components in a permanent connection.  Commissioning is done very quickly; adjustment of driveways is not required. The lift can be operated directly after the installation with precise direct entry.

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IntelligentMultiDrive - the new VVVF-generation

Our new VVVF-inverters are optional available with an integrated "Safe-Torque-Off"-function for operation without drive contactors.

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